Under 25 car rental in Los Angeles Airport LAX

Are you planning to take a trip to Los Angeles - Airport, CA? Then, most likely, you will need to rent a car to drive across its spectacular terrain. That will not be a problem, as you can find many rental car offices of the most world-known suppliers and local vendors in LAX Airport, California. Most of these companies provide cheap car rentals for under 25 drivers. The minimum age to rent a car in Los Angeles - Airport, California is 21 years old, but there is the surcharge policy applied to all renters under the age of 25. To make a more educated decision before booking a car for under 25 driver, compare not only the renal car prices in Los Angeles, California, but also the under 25 car rental fee of different companies.

The Young Driver Surcharge is not usually included in the car rental price on our website. You will have to pay it at the rental desk before picking up your rental vehicle.

How to waive Under 25 years old car rental fee in Los Angeles, CA, Usa?

Renting a car in LAX Airport, Usa for Under 25 y.o. driver is not going to be low-cost. Drivers from 21 to 24 are obliged to pay an extra fee. However, there are some exceptions. Let’s find out how you can avoid Under 25 car rental fee in Los Angeles LAX Airport:

  • You can get your car rental Under 25 no fee from most agencies if you are governmental or military personnel and traveling on official business. In this case, they may provide you with special government or military rates.
  • You can save at Hertz (up to $25 USD per day) with AAA discounts. The AAA (American Automobile Association) has collaborated with Hertz and offers a big number of benefits to its members including AAA car rental Under 25. With this membership, any licensed driver between the ages of 18-24 avoids Young Driver Fee when rents a vehicle from Hertz.
  • Under 25 aged drivers can benefit with USAA insurance program. The USAA Under 25 car rental fee waivers at Avis, Budget, and Hertz for USAA members starts at age 18, while the USAA car rental Under 25 fee waiver at Enterprise starts at the age of 21.

Which car rental company does not charge for Under 25 years old in Los Angeles - Airport?

Rent a car companies that do not charge for Under 25 in Los Angeles - Airport, CA include Avis, Budget, Hertz, and Enterprise if you have the USAA membership. As AAA membership, you can also avoid Under 25 fee from Hertz.

Why young drivers of 21-24 years of age are overcharged in LAX Airport, California?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, young drivers under the age of 25 are considered to be high-risk drivers. Statistically, they are by 25% more often involved in car accidents than adults over 25 years old. For this reason, rental companies claim additional charge (Young Driver Surcharge) to cover expenses of potential damage.

How to get a cheap rental car Under 25 y.o. in Los Angeles - Airport, California?

Don’t forget to learn our tips to save money on Under 25 car rental before making a reservation in Los Angeles, California:

  • Make your booking in advance;
  • Keep tracking the changes of Under 25 rental car prices after reservation. The prices may fall, and you have a free cancelation;
  • Try to pick up and drop off your rental vehicle at the same time to rent for a full day;
  • Collect and return your car in Los Angeles, CA to avoid one-way fee;
  • Compare not only daily rental car prices, but also the amount of Young Driver Fees;
  • Select Under 25 car rental deals with unlimited mileage or make sure you will adhere to vendor’s Mileage policy to avoid additional fees;
  • Take your own GPS device from home to waive any payments for optional extras
  • Elude extra payments for rental car additional driver Under 25 in Los Angeles;
  • Avoid being charged for missing fuel on your return. Choose “pick up and return full” fuel policy and return your rental car with the same amount of gas as you picked it up with. Rent a car agencies charge far higher fuel prices than the local gas stations.
  • Travel around the country you rented a car in. Try not to cross the borders of the neighboring countries or pay special attention to the travel restrictions of your selected Under 25 car rental company to avoid cross-border fee.

What rental car Under 25 y.o. is recommended for driving in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is the hottest Californian destination with many snow-white beaches, vibrant nightlife, lots of family entertainment and the beautiful nature of national parks surrounding it. The wide variety of available activities makes the choice of car rental LAX Under 25 rather difficult, but you can still find an excellent option, depending on some circumstances.

If you are a budget traveler who needs a cheap and fuel-efficient vehicle, then you are advised to use an economy, compact or mid-size car such as a Kia Rio, Ford Fiesta, or Toyota Corolla.

Going on a trip with your big family? A full-size car or a 7-seater minivan will satisfy you with a spacious interior and a large trunk. Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Pacifica are the most popular offers in this class.

Those adventurers who want to explore the natural wealth of national parks located near the city can benefit from an SUV crossover that is perfect for such conditions. Buick Encore, Jeep Cherokee, and Toyota RAV4 are among the best options.

Please note that some age restrictions may apply when picking up a car at Los Angeles Intl Airport. This means that some companies are authorized to refuse young travelers Under 25 to rent 4x4, luxury, and prestigious vehicles.

What is the speed limit for young drivers in Los Angeles, CA?

Strict adherence to speed limits is the key to safe driving wherever you go. However, the maximum allowable speed is taken regardless of the age to rent a car in California - this applies to each road traffic participant.

When moving on interstate highways, you can drive no faster than 65 miles per hour. As an exception, in some places where there are appropriate signs, it’s allowed to accelerate to 70 miles per hour.

If you travel on a secondary highway with one lane in each direction and without a dividing fence, then the maximum speed in this section is 55 miles per hour.

Everyone who picked up car rental Los Angeles Under 25 should be especially careful on the city roads. In residential districts, it’s forbidden to exceed the limit of 25 miles per hour.

In general, you must adhere to the speed requirements, but always be careful and consider the current traffic situation.

What are gas prices in Los Angeles, California?

The Californian fuel rates can slightly increase the expenses of everyone who uses car rental Los Angeles 21 years old and older. The approximate price of 1 gallon is $3.72-3.85, which is higher than the regular cost of gas in the USA.

This is due to two factors. Firstly, California has special environmental laws that tighten fuel requirements - this means it’s of better quality and therefore more expensive. Secondly, higher state taxes also contribute to the growth of final fuel prices.

Where to park Under 25 years old car rental in Los Angeles?

You know that parking can be a problem in big cities, and this also applies to Los Angeles. After you rent a car at LAX Under 25 and heading to the city, it’s important to decide on a place to leave your vehicle.

If this is a hotel, cafe or any attraction, then you will probably find a special parking space nearby. In LA’s popular tourist spots, get ready to pay between $8 and $25 per single parking spot.

Along the streets, a lot of metered areas are available to park a vehicle - the price range is from $0.5 to $6, depending on the time of day.

Also, in residential areas, you need to carefully follow the signs when parking the car to avoid being fined and towed.

Anyway, finding a good spot for car rental Los Angeles Under 25 years old won’t cause any headaches in case you follow all the rules and recommendations.

Top Tips For Renting a Car in Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

  1. Vacationing in the City of Angels is always a unique experience, exciting emotions, and a positive mood. All this will be doubled if you explore the endless expanses of this destination by car.
  2. You can pick it up right after landing at Los Angeles International Airport. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about how old do you have to be to rent a car in California, because the service is available even for youngsters Under 25 years of age.
  3. Vendor offices are not located in the terminal, but within the LAX airport, so you will be offered to use the shuttle buses to get there. They will be waiting for you in the baggage claim area - just look for a nameplate of the company you deal with.
  4. After pick up, the next difficulty you will encounter is traffic on the road to LA. There’s a little trick - if there is at least 1 passenger in the vehicle with you, you can use the Carpool and High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) traffic lines.
  5. They are marked with a diamond symbol and allow to reach your final destination faster. The same applies to toll roads - you will spend more time traveling to the city in case bypassing them.
  6. In general, the busiest hours on the roads of Los Angeles are from 5 am till 10 am in the morning and from 3 pm till 7 pm in the evening on weekdays, and especially on Friday.
  7. Over the weekend, you will find increased traffic near popular tourist areas. Keep this in mind when planning your journey.

Where to stay in Los Angeles International Airport?

Choosing a good hotel is more important than ever if you are traveling by car with a starting point at Los Angeles International Airport. Indeed, it’s very convenient to leave the vehicle in the hotel parking and go to relax in your room. Plus, you won’t worry about anything happening to your car.

When enjoying LA car rental Under 25, a hotel with free parking will satisfy your requirements. If you are a student or just a young traveler who takes advantage of Los Angeles car rental Under 25, then probably another requirement for the hotel is entertainments, a variety of activities and parties on its territory or nearby. At the same time, its price should fit into the budget limits.

Where to eat and drink in Los Angeles Intl Airport?

Delicious food at a good price is the goal of each traveler. This is especially true for those young drivers who use Under 25 car rental in Los Angeles. The city is full of establishments specializing in Japanese, Thai, Mexican, and Italian cuisines, which will allow you to experience a real multinational explosion of tastes.

However, the fans of sandwiches, burgers, and hot dogs will also be delighted by the huge variety of related places to have a bite.

Many of them are placed in remote areas, but you will simply catch them if renting a car in California Under 25.

What to do in Los Angeles with a rental car when you are Under 25 years of age?

Famous attractions, entertainments, and simply interesting places are the goal of every traveler who visits Los Angeles. Fortunately, you will not be puzzled by what to do in LA, because this modern destination has something to offer everyone, especially young adventurers.

Of course, cheap car rental LAX Under 25 will significantly increase the horizons of your possibilities in terms of sightseeing, because you can travel wherever you want.

Check out a few worthwhile things to see and do in Los Angeles California that will be interesting to the youngsters, and ways to get there:

Dolby Theater is an internationally renowned venue where the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences annually hosts the Oscar Academy Awards.

On the huge stage of the theater, accommodating about 3400 people, various shows, concerts, premieres of films and other events take place. Here you can even have a wedding or take an excursion.

Getting there: taxi - $28, rental car - $30 plus $1.35 for fuel

Redondo Beach is a small but very popular coastal town located 20 miles southwest of Los Angeles. You need about 25 minutes to reach it on your car rental LAX Under 25 vehicle.

Cultural rest in the city is limited, but it’s fully compensated by the magnificent sandy beaches. Here’re ideal conditions for a complete and relaxing stay, including such sports as volleyball, surfing, and yachting.

Getting there: taxi - $68, Los Angeles car rental under 25 - $30 plus $3.55 for fuel

In Madame Tussauds Museum, you’ll see more than two hundred wax figures of celebrities: actors, singers, politicians, athletes, criminals, and many others.

Each figure is made so masterfully and skillfully that it hardly differs from a living person. You can touch the exhibits with your hands and take pictures with them, so don’t forget to bring a camera.

Getting there:Getting there: taxi - $29, rental car - $30 plus $1.4 for fuel

Griffith Observatory is located in Griffith Park and there’s something to see. In the exhibition hall, you can find information about the solar system and other thematic exhibitions, look at the virtual sky with mini-telescopes, and also visit the lecture hall.

In one of the buildings of the observatory, there’s a 30-cm telescope, which can be used by visitors for enjoying the evening starry sky. Also, the local observation deck offers stunning views of Los Angeles.

Getting there: taxi - $27, rental car - $30 plus $1.3 for fuel

Warner Brothers Film Studio is the arena where such masterpieces of the film industry as Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings, and Ocean’s Thirteen were born. During the tour, you will see many movie sets as well as several famous characters from popular films.

Getting there: taxi - $35, rental car - $30 plus $1.7 for fuel

If comfort, convenience, and ease of movement major features of your future trip to Los Angeles, then LAX car rental Under 25 is what you definitely need.

One-way top car rental destination from Los Angeles Intl Airport

The one-way trip is a great extra option that can be added to your car rental Los Angeles Under 25 deal. Everything is quite simple - you pick up the vehicle at one point and return it to a completely different one.

With the one-way option, Las Vegas to Los Angeles day trip is not a problem. Of course, there are many nearby journeys available to you like San Diego or Venice CA to Los Angeles CA, but most often LA is not the final but the starting point of the trip.

While planning an adventure in a one-way direction, the distance between potential pickup/drop off points is one of the dominant things that affect its total cost. Therefore, probably you want to know what Los Angeles to Beverly Hills distance is, or whether there’s any Los Angeles to Las Vegas mileage limit.

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